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There are about 36 Smurfs Village Levels that you need to accomplish in order to create a successful community for your smurfy friends. Each level has a unique adventure to offer and as you progress in the gameplay you are going to receive more quests from Papa Smurf. Remember that you won’t be able to level up unless you are able to complete all tasks assigned to you.

Level 36

The much anticipated new level was finally released last July and fans from all over the world are just so eager to reach the peak of the game. The theme is quite different from what you have already seen in the previous versions. Beeline (Capcom) has just added a white beach in the forest. A few people think it’s kind of awkward but most gamers are just so excited about it. Imagine seeing your favorite smurf characters wearing tanks and sunglasses, and just having a fun day on the sand. Wouldn’t it be nice? In this level, expect to see some seashells, starfish, colorful umbrellas, beach chairs, and crabs.

Building mushroom houses

One of the best ways to speed up your gameplay is to build as many houses as you can. The more houses you create, the more smurfs will return to the village. It’s like a chain reaction. As your population increases, the number of workers who will tend to your crops also increases. This means more plants to grow and more crops to harvest. More produce means more gold coins.

Decorating the village

Seasonal themes are also available. For instance, heart-shaped red flowers were available last February for the Valentine’s Day. These are immediately removed after the special event and might return next year. There is also a separate theme for Halloween and Easter season. This Christmas, you may get the new design items such as candy canes, Mr. Snowman, Christmas tree, etc.

Expanding the village

As you move forward to higher levels, it is natural that your village will get crowded with houses, gardens and smurfs working and walking around the community. There are 3 options to make space for your development.

  1. Occupy the land on the right side of the river. First, you need to construct a bridge for the river. You can easily find this on the right side of the forest. It will take you 120 hours to finish it and once it is done, some smurfs will automatically cross over to cultivate the land. Take note that this is only possible when you reached level 5.
  2. Occupy the land on the left side of the river. When you’re already in level 16, a big bridge will be unlocked and this will give way to a bigger space on the left side of the river. However, you cannot access this if you’re still in lower levels.
  3. Cliff expansion. You must be in level 22 to unlock the staircases. Placing this on the top side of the cliff will allow the smurfs to climb up and start a “life” there.


Experience the Smurf Village levels now. Download the app freely and install it on your Apple device. Also, don’t forget to connect to the Game Center to automatically create a virtual backup for your gameplay.

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    what exactly is XP? When i want more smurfs on mainland it says ‘character limit’ but to get more land i need smurf, how to get arounnd this?

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