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Looking for a Smurfs Village Hack or trick? Want to get free unlimited smurfberries and gold coins without having to use your credit card? Well, we’re not exactly encouraging these types of activities but guess what? You’re on the right place! In this post, we are going to share some tricks that will allow you to speed up your gameplay.

First, you have to understand that Smurfberries are extremely important if you want to purchase items from the store. These are small red berries which are indigenous to the Smurfs forest. Some people say that the smurfs eat a smurfberry primarily to improve their health. It’s like a source of nutrition for our little blue friends.

However, in the actual game, you will see that these are used to speed up the building process of house-mushrooms and to quickly grow plants and crops. It is a major form of currency in the village and without it, you won’t be able to purchase gardens, houses, plants, and you won’t also be able to play the mini-games. There is also a controversy involving this virtual money. Some kids were reported to have purchased smurfberries without permission from their parents.

You see, the issue here is that players must buy these currencies with real money but the gold coins which they are going to earn from the game are not convertible to cash. So, for some people, it’s a scam. It’s a good thing that Apple is sympathetic to parents and is willing to give refunds for unauthorized transactions. If you want to know how you can avoid paying for bills that charge you thousands of dollars because of in-app purchases, check out our article about Smurfberries.

Now for the fun part, there are several ways to get these coveted things for free. First, you must find Jokey Smurf. He’s practically easy to spot. Just look for the character who carries a yellow box with a red ribbon on it. Always be alert because you don’t know when he is going to appear. When you see him walking around the village, immediately tap him and he will give you free smurfberries. Take note that he only gives one present per day so make sure to catch him when he arrives.

Another way to obtain it is through leveling up. So give your best shot in decorating your village. Build houses and create garden plots for the blue fellas. This will help you increase your level quickly. For the first 10 levels, you will be given one free smurfberry for each level that you accomplished. And on the next 10 levels, that is 11 to 20, you will receive 2 smurfberries for successfully completing each level. So far, these are the “legal” steps to achieving more money. Read our articles about  Smurfs Village Cheats if you want to discover the secrets of getting barrels of gold coins for free.

Having said everything, Smurfs Village Hack is not really necessary. If you play the game right by using a specialized tactic, you will see that you can re-invest your currencies to earn more of it.


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