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smurfs village free smurfs berriesDo you want smurfs village free Smurfsberries? Well, it is not a secret that almost all smurfs village players are often looking for smurfs village free smurfs berries.

Many a times, getting smurfs berries in smurfs village is not easy as it involves a process of patience that most of us lack. Are there other ways of getting free Smurfsberries in smurfs village?

Here is a step by step instructions to help you get smurfs village free Smurfsberries:

  • The first step you need to take is to plant the type of crops that will give you high returns of Smurfs Village free smurfs berries.
  • Immediately you finish planting the potatoes you should minimize your smurfs village game.
  • After Minimizing your game go to the your phone’s settings.
  • Calculate the amount of time that it takes for the crop you planted to grow and forward your time by the given amount of time. For instance, if the crop takes 3hours and the current time is 11 am, forward your time to precisely 2pm.
  • Go back into the game play and you will find that your crops are fully grown.
  • Harvest the crops for free smurfs village Smurfsberries.
  • Repeat the process as many times as you would wish.

Even though this cheat works, you will notice that when you go back into your game, Papa Smurf will warn you that you are overworking your smurfs by changing the clock timing and that the smurfs will leave the village. Do not be scared for the smurfs never leave the village.

However, some fans have stated that as punishment, a smurf may be sent out by Papa Smurf on a very long errand e.g for 700hours. Should this happen, just forward your clock by a year or so and let the game prompt you that your clock is wrong. Once you are prompted, reset your time back to normal and the smurf that had been sent for the long errand will be back in the game.

Also, remember that timing is very important if you really want the free smurfs village Smurfsberries otherwise if you don’t carry out proper timing and forward the clock too much, you may end up getting withered crops. Another way to go about getting free smurfs berries is by performing a smurfs village hack on your game. This will most likely need you to jailbreak your phone. However, you will be doing this at your own risk and it is for this reason that cheating is not encouraged in smurfs village.

Do you know of better ways of getting smurfs village free Smurfberries? If you do, then, post them here so that the other smurfs village fans can know. Also, check back more often for updates on the smurfs village mobile game.


  1. Harm says:

    It looks like you are taking berries for coins here… Because when the crop is harvested, it will normally result in coins and xp, not berries.

  2. swagg says:

    hey that dose not work becausse wen u harvest a crop it only gives u coins n xp not smurfberries

  3. simspn says:

    it doesnt work! i signed up with my email account and logged in on sm, but when i harvest something like potatos it doesn’t give me berries, but only coins, can u help me plz!

  4. papa says:

    the only time you’ll get smurfberries is if you advance a level. and in order to advance to the next level, u need to harvest crops that gives you XP. so this method those work. but it’ll take a lot of your time going back and forth changing your clock.

  5. Ddog says:

    If u do it more than 20 times smurfs will leave tha village, im.jus starting over from being on lvl 27 from doing this cheat! DO NOT TRY,THIS CHEAT MORE THAN 20 times

  6. Amy says:

    You guys are silly not to look! AFTER you harvest your potatoes, you will get a smurfberry as a gift….

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