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smurfs village islandWhen Smurfs Village version 1.1.7 was released, it came with some major updates one of them being the Smurfs Village boat that some also refer to as the Smurfs Village ship. Whatever the name you use to refer to it, there is a lot for you to know in regard to the Smurfs Village boat.

Even before you think of smurfs village boat, there is need to know about what the boat will be used for and where it will be going. For this reason, let us talk about the Smurfs Village Island.

Smurfs Village Island

The Smurfs village island is not as big as you may want and space issues may feature later on. However, as per now, it is one of the best places you will love visiting using your smurfs village boat. There are lots of crops and buildings that you can lay up once you are on the smurfs village island.

How do you find the smurfs village island? It is true that even before you dream of getting your smurfs village boat and island, you have to be at the nineteenth level of smurfs village game play. Here are other things that you need to do so as to get the smurfs village boat and island:

  •  Get to level 19 before even dreaming of getting smurfs village island and smurfs village boat.
  • Once in level 19, check out for Papa Smurfs message that will ask you to let two smurfs go for an errand in the forest. When they go into the forest, they will discover the SS Smurfs II ship alongside the Captain Dreamy Smurf.
  • The Smurfs village boat has Captain Dreamy as its captain and will be having the most important place in your smurfs village island quests.
  • The miner smurfs will have to search for the compass for Captain Dreamy before he can set sail.
  • Finally you are ready to go. but before you do so, you need to get the island and you will get it through tapping on both Papa Smurf and the ship.

Smurfs Village Dreamy smurf

You may be wondering why we are talking of the dreamy smurf when we should be talking about smurfs village boat. Well, we are talking about dreamy smurf because he is the captain of your smurfs village boat. Dreamy smurf often seems lost in his own world and wanders everywhere getting lost more often than you can imagine.

It is for this reason that you will take along Dreamy smurf in your boat as you go looking for Smurfs Village island. The island will not be easy to find and even as you mover across the ocean, you will have to make several trips before you find the island.

If you have a boat and is unable to move on to the smurfs village island you should continue completing smurfs village quests without much worry and by and by it will work. There may be more in regard to the smurfs village boat and should you know something that we know not, then, post it here so that the other smurfs village fans can make use of it. More to it, always check back here for more smurfs village updates from time to time.


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    Where is the boat ?

  2. tig says:

    I m now at level 30. No dreamy smurf n no boat. Whats wrong? Do I need to upgrade the version? Mine is

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