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In our previous articles, we shared a few Smurfberries Cheats and guidelines in playing the Smurfs Village. If you have an Apple gadget such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, this app is definitely a must-have.

It’s free to download and you can also integrate it with your Facebook account so that friends could see the progress of your smurf community. The only downside, as some people say, is that you will have to pay real money for smurfberries.

Sounds unfair, right? You paid true cash for the game’s currencies but you can’t convert your gold coins into real money! But hey, as long as the app is making us happy, it’s not really an issue. After all, we always have the option to disable the in-app purchases to control our expenditures. Another thing is that we can also do some tricks to get a smurfberry for free. That’s right!

Here’s what you need to understand about the Smurfs Village Game, you can’t build a complete and functional community of working smurfs in just one day. It will take time. You need to wait hours and sometimes even days for a house mushroom to be completed. You have to wait for the harvest time before you can convert your crops into gold coins. You also must wait before you can get special smurf characters such as Smurfette and Clumsy.

However, for those players who want to speed up the construction and building processes, they can just buy Smurfberries and voila! This will allow them to buy everything they need to create a village for our little fellas. Instead of waiting for the plants to grow or become ripe, they can simply use a barrel of smurfberries and buy fast-growing crops like potatoes.

Once you have collected a minimum of 30 smurfberries, we highly recommend that you get a Smurfette. She’s not just an eye-candy in the male-dominated community of the smurfs, she also gives 150XP everyday. It’s really a great investment because you can get your money back in other forms. The free XP that she is giving can be re-invested in a new house or a new garden.

Here’s the thing, take note of this, at the start of the game you will find yourself in an empty village with 300 gold coins at hand. It’s up to you how you are going to spend your currency wisely. At level 2, you will receive 3 smurberries. It’s not much but if you are smart, there are plenty of ways to increase your smurfberry without using your credit card.

You see, Smurfs Village is not only a game for the creative and imaginative. Yes, you need to decorate the community and put on housing units (made of big mushrooms). You also get to decide where to place everything. But it is also important to be business-minded when playing this app. Understand the currencies and what would be the effect of buying a particular smurf character or any item from the Smurf-Store.

For the meantime, please watch the video below. This will teach you some Smurfberries Cheats. Don’t forget to read our blog about Smurfberries too!


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    I realise about forming your village building around your crops to safeguard them and also your caterpillars but will this orderly way get you the free smurfberrie?

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