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A lot of people are asking about the Smurf Village PC. They would like to know if it is possible to download this game on their computer. Unfortunately, the app is only available for Apple fans. This means that unless you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can’t access the Smurfs Village. The good news is that this app is freely downloadable from iTunes.

This is probably the most adorable farming game for iPhone. The graphics are colorful with high definition. If you are a fan of the famous cartoon series The Smurfs, this will truly bring out the playful child in you.

Here are some of the most enjoyable aspects of the gameplay:

  1. Unleash your creative and imaginative side. Imagine yourself restoring a completely desolate land. How are you going to design the place? Where will you install the houses and the gardens? What will you do so that your citizens can make a living through gardening? You have to carefully plan your village. Everything is in your hands.You control every little thing so if something went wrong, you can only hold yourself responsible. In the Smurfs Village Gameplay, you are the architect. The entire surroundings will turn out the way you want it to.
  2. Meet your favorite Smurfs characters. If you are an avid viewer of this cartoon series, then you are already familiar with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf, Painter Smurf, Hany Smurf, etc. But did you know that new characters are recently introduced in the village? That’s right! Last September 2011, the Alchemist Smurf, Marco Smurf and Scaredy Smurf were created for the Halloween edition. They’re so cool. But you’d probably need some Smurfberries to acquire them.
  3. Integrate with your Facebook account. Let’s admit it. Every time we hit a new milestone in the Smurf Village, we’re just so proud that we can’t help but shout it out to our friends’ news feeds. Good thing CapCom has added this special feature in the game app. You can see your Facebook friends in the neighbor map. You can visit your neighbors and see how they are progressing. Just be careful not to add too many neighbors as this might cause your game to crash down.
  4. No need to connect to internet. This is possible and it makes it another reason to get this app for your Apple device. Other games would require you to be connected to WiFi which is adding cost to your iTunes bills. But it’s not the case with the Smurfs Village. You can play it with or without the internet. However, being connected to a stable WiFi is also beneficial in terms of backing up your data and files. So, consider also that aspect.
  5. Enjoy MiniGames. Currently, there are 6 minigames to choose from. Each of them is adventurous in its own right. You can bake, go fishing, and do other activities that will surely hook you up. For the list of these minigames, please read our article about Smurfs Village Game.

As of now, Smurfs Village PC is not yet available. CapCom has plans to release an Android version of the app. Let’s cross our fingers that a platform for PCs will also be launched soon!



  1. Thomas says:

    I wanna play the smurfs’ village game in pc.
    I am hoping that will see soon.

  2. Richard says:

    good i want it now…….because i love smurf village in the PC

  3. lucas says:

    how do you play smurf village in the computer without downloading

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